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The Raven Gi

Epic Roll BJJ

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Jiu Jitsu and the common raven bird share more similarities than you may think. The Raven Gi was inspired by the historical folktales and incredible facts about the common raven bird. Here is the story......

The raven's brains are among the largest of any bird species, and they display excellent problem-solving abilities. (So do grapplers)

The raven is one of only four known animals (along with bees, ants, and humans) with the ability to communicate about events, not in the here-and-now.

Ravens also are among the most playful beings in the animal kingdom. Notable among wild animals for making their own toys, they have been observed lobbing stones back and forth and breaking off twigs to play catch. (Grapplers are some of the nicest people I have ever met)

Ravens are also very adaptable animals and are found in many different parts of the world in habitats from mountains to deserts and everything in between. (So are grapplers)

The Common Ravens are omnivorous and highly opportunistic feeders. Their diet varies according to their location, the season, and what's available at the time. (Grapplers have to be opportunistic and look for what submissions present themselves)

Common Ravens are monogamous and form long-term pair bonds when they are between 2 and 4 years old. Pairs court through acrobatic flight displays, mutual preening, and beak caressing. These devoted birds even travel as mated pairs. (Grapplers perform their stunts on the mats, and we do form long-term bonds) 

Ravens are known for dozens of other vocalizations, though, most of which are used for social interaction. Like other members of the crow family, ravens are talented mimics and copy many sounds from their environment, including human speech. Ravens sometimes use this to trick to ward off predators. (Grapplers use lots of special tricks to ward off submission attempts)

The intelligent and sociable Common Raven has been the subject of mythology, folklore, and literature through the ages. In Native American cultures, it is portrayed as a sly trickster, a spiritual figure, or even a god that helped create the earth. (Jiu-jitsuness is next to Godliness... isn't that how the saying goes??)

Others have seen the raven as a bird of death and doom, perhaps most famously by Edgar Allan Poe in his poem, "The Raven." Swedish folktales depict ravens as the ghosts of those who have been murdered, and old German stories describe ravens as damned souls. (Grapplers can definitely bring upon death and doom to our adversary, but since we are nice and playful, we will stop when you tap)

Even though some consider ravens an ill omen, others consider them a sign of good luck. Captive Common Ravens have been kept at the England's Tower of London since the 17th century; legend says that if the birds ever leave the tower, the British Empire will fall.

It seems that almost anywhere the Common Raven is found, people attribute special powers to it. A bird that has inspired so many myths and legends through the ages is a special one indeed. 

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 "The Raven" Gi features:

• Includes "The Raven" Gi Bag for convenience.

• Colors: White with black and red stitching. 


1. 450 GSM pearl weave

2. Rounded and reinforced slits.

3. Smooth EVA foam collar for excellent choke resistance.

4. Breathable fabric that was built to be durable, comfortable. 

5. Reinforced in the collar, shoulder, sleeves, and knees for added strength and increased durability.


1. 100% cotton ripstop pants with reinforced seams on the legs and ankles.

2. Fast and reliable rope tightening system.

3. Six belts loops for support.


Wash Cold and Hang Dry.

Wash Separately.

No Bleach.

No Tumble Dry.

*Please note that if you plan on washing in hot water or machine-drying the Gis can shrink between 2" and 5" inches in length, if you wash it cold and hang dry it can shrink up to 1."  

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